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The Ladies Smythe & Westin Series

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Book #3:  Fashionably Late

It's murder she wore…


Sporting a chic Florida outfit and designer baubles, seasoned model Angelica Downs belonged on the runway...not in the morgue. Summer Smythe and Dorothy Westin are determined to retrace her final moments—right up to her desperate plea for help. 


The Ladies pin their suspects down to just a few questionable characters. But why would anyone target such a seemingly sweet, lovely woman? To lure the murderer—and perhaps some accessories of the criminal kind—the Ladies hit Milano Fashion Week, even organizing their own charity event at Hibiscus Pointe.


Killer fashion may be this season's drop-dead look, but if Summer and Dorothy don't crack the case soon, they may be wearing little black dresses to their own funerals next.


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